[Black rice, black beans, black sesame and red dates]_Jujube_Nutrition Value

[Black rice, black beans, black sesame and red dates]_Jujube_Nutrition Value

Black rice, black beans and black sesame are all very good for people’s health. After absorption, they will bring a lot of nutrients to the body, and it is best to add some red dates.The effect will become better, especially for some people with poor physical fitness, but it is best to absorb it after cooking to avoid diarrhea.

Black rice contains mostly manganese, zinc, copper and other inorganic salts 1% higher than rice?
3 times; it also contains vitamin C, chlorophyll, anthocyanins, carotene and cardiolipin which are lacking in rice, so black rice is more nutritious than ordinary rice.

Eat more black rice has appetizing benefits, spleen warming liver, eyesight and blood circulation, smooth astringent replenishing power, for juvenile white hair, women postpartum weakness, physical weakness and anemia after illness, kidney deficiency symptoms very good to nourish.

Black rice is wrapped in the outer grain or hard seed coat, which is not easy to rot, so black rice should be soaked overnight before cooking.

If the black rice porridge is not boiled, almost most of the signature nutrients cannot be dissolved out, and it is easy to cause acute gastroenteritis after eating more, which is easier for children with weak digestion and the elderly.

Therefore, people with indigestion should not eat uncooked black rice.

People with weak digestive ability after illness should not rush to eat black rice, but can eat some purple rice to nurse.

[2] 药用功效【性味特征】性平,味甘。[Meridian]The spleen and stomach.

[Efficacy]Black rice has appetizing benefits, spleen and blood circulation, eye-catching effect.

It is anti-aging; it can supplement protein, manganese, zinc and other minerals.

[Health care should be avoided]should be black rice suitable for postpartum blood deficiency, physical weakness after illness; or anemia; or kidney deficiency; young people who need to be early white.

Avoid children or the elderly with weak spleen and stomach.

[Compatible Compatibility]The compatibility of black rice and rice has appetizing benefits, soothes the spleen and clears the eye, and is used for those who need to have early whiteness and postpartum weakness.

[Information]Black rice is covered with tough seed coats. It is not easy to boil. If it is not boiled, its nutritional content does not dissolve, and it can cause acute gastroenteritis after eating. Therefore, it should be soaked overnight before cooking.