Lying in bed before going to bed, reading books affects sleep damage health

Lying in bed before going to bed, reading books affects sleep damage health

Lying in bed watching a book or magazine is a habit that too many people can’t move before going to bed.

However, the US MSN Health Network recently reported that it not only affects sleep, but also harms health.

  People who love to read books are easily attracted by the wonderful plots in the book. Once they start to look at it, it is difficult to let go. Usually they don’t sleep before reading a chapter. The brain is always in a state of tension, it is easy to fall asleep, and even fall asleep., and sleep is not practical, may be disturbed by various dreams.

“This habit will have a greater impact on people with poor sleep.

Professor Guo Yuheng, director of the Sleeping Center of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, told the Life Times reporter.

In addition, books are prone to dust and fiber, and in the dry season, dust will become more and more raging. If the book is stacked on the bedside, the air that people breathe when they sleep will become more turbid.

As far as health is concerned, reading a book before going to bed is very bad for eye health. The human eye is like a camera that can automatically focus.

Look at the things in the vicinity, the eyes must undergo a number of adjustments in order to see clearly.

After reading the book, I fell asleep and looked like my eyes were rested. In fact, the ciliary muscles, lens, and pupils in the eyeball should continue to contract continuously, and myopia will be so long.

  Therefore, it is recommended not to put books or magazines on the bed, especially novels, biographies and other books with storylines.

Do not read the book within ten minutes before going to bed, so that you can fully relax, you can rest in bed and close your eyes, do eye exercises, and use hot and humid towels to heat your eyes to relieve fatigue.

  People who don’t sleep well should check the bedroom environment, don’t put an alarm clock that emits a “tick” sound on the bedside; choose a curtain with better shading effect; don’t light the lamp to sleep, otherwise it will prolong the sleep time, and it is difficult to enter deep sleep.And it is easy to wake up in your sleep.

Finally, when you can’t sleep, you can use the method of counting sheep, but don’t be too serious, you can also take a deep breath.