[The most effective contraceptive measures]_Contraceptive measures_Methods_Methods_Methods

[The most effective contraceptive measures]_Contraceptive measures_Methods_Methods_Methods

A passionate life is an indispensable way of life for us. There are various forms of passion. Some passions are between men and women. This is the sex. Although men and women are passionate, it is easy to produce something that should notThere are problems, such as unwanted pregnancy, so it is very important to take precautions when you are passionate. Let ‘s take a look at some of the most effective contraceptives.

1. Condoms Condoms (condoms) prevent pregnancy through non-drug forms. They are mainly used to prevent human sperm and egg from binding during sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy.

In addition, condoms also prevent the spread of gonorrhea, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, so they are also called condoms. The current condom materials are usually made of natural rubber or polyurethane.


Contraceptives Contraceptives (contraceptives) generally refer to oral contraceptives. There are oral contraceptives for women and oral contraceptives for men.

Its contraceptive principle is mainly through inhibiting ovulation and changing cervical mucus, making it difficult for sperm to penetrate, or reducing the production of liver sugar by the uterine glands, making it difficult for blastocysts to survive, or changing the way the uterus and fallopian tubes move, preventing fertilizationTransport of eggs.

A drug that prevents the combination of sperm and eggs to form a fertilized egg to achieve contraceptive purposes.

Pay attention to the problem Taking various contraceptives must develop accurate, good habits of taking on time and according to the amount, do not change or prolong the taking time at will.

Do not miss the dose, take it late. If you miss the dose, you should take it the next day. Otherwise, it may cause irregular bleeding or failure of contraception.

Contraceptives should be stored properly to prevent children from taking them by mistake.

If there is moisture, dissolution or abrasion of the sugar coating, do not take it when crushed, so as not to affect the contraceptive effect or cause vaginal bleeding.

From the above introduction, there are many most effective consensus measures. People can choose the appropriate contraceptive method according to their needs. Therefore, some people should pay attention when they have sex, if they are not ready to have childrenPreventive measures should be taken to prevent intercourse from happening.