Auricular self-massage care and treatment

Auricular self-massage care and treatment

The human ear is indeed a very magical place. If we connect the main acupuncture points on the ear, it is shaped like the voltage in the inverted uterus.

The various organs and tissues of the human body have corresponding stimulation points on the ears. Once the disease is violated, a certain acupuncture point on the ear will generate an early warning signal.

Therefore, when stimulating an auricular point, it can diagnose and treat diseases in the corresponding parts of the body. Many Chinese medicine masters can also observe the changes in the color of the ear skin, whether there is uneven deformation, desquamation, and whether the capillaries are filled.Help diagnose the disease.

  For example, in the ear lobe of patients with coronary heart disease, a diagonal wrinkle is often seen. This wrinkle is called “coronary heart disease ditch”.

The earlobe is very sensitive to vasoconstriction. Once coronary artery disease causes coronary heart disease, the earlobe tissue will occur and a certain degree of atrophy changes, so that the diagonal wrinkles can diagnose coronary heart disease, and the accuracy rate can beUp to 90%.

People in the hospital can also see doctors burying seeds or burying needles at a specific acupoint on the patient’s ear to treat various diseases.

  Below I will introduce you to a set of ear self-massage methods that are accelerated.

  1, lift the tip of the ear with both hands, the index finger pinch the top of the ear, first knead here, until the place feels hot, and then lift up]5?
20 times.

Here, there are mainly Shenmen, pelvic, internal and external genitals, feet, steps, knees, ankle joint reflection area and liver Yang points, Fengxi points.

  2, massage the ear wheel up and down, and extend the pull to the knee, eat two fingers along the ear wheel up and down back and knead, make it fever, and then extend the pull of the ear 15?
20 times.

The ear wheel mainly has reflection areas of the cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae, lumbosacral vertebrae, shoulders and elbows.

  3, the earlobe method first paste the earlobe, hot, and then hang down 15-20 times to make the ear hot and hot.

The acupuncture points at the earlobe mainly correspond to the head, forehead, eyes, tongue, teeth, cheeks, etc.

  4, block the ear socket first block the depression of the opening of the external auditory canal, this part has heart, lung, trachea, trifocal and other points, to prevent the obvious fever here, hot.

Then pressurize the upper side of the depression, and also rub back and forth to prevent the feeling of heat, until it is hot.

Here, there are mainly reflex zones of the spleen, stomach, liver, gallbladder, large intestine, small intestine, kidney, bladder and the like.

  5, push the middle and lower fingers of the upper and lower ears to put the ear in front of the ear, after the index finger is placed on the ear, alternate the lower ear root to the root of the ear, to push 40?
50 times left stone, not only the ear is hot after the push, the face, the head will have obvious fever, this has a very good effect on headache, dizziness, neurasthenia, tinnitus and other diseases, and there are obvious cosmetic effects., ladies who love beauty may wish to give it a try.

A set of exercises, up to 10 minutes, your facial blood circulation will be significantly improved, but also promote the discharge of facial metabolites.

Stick to it for 2 months, your face will be shiny and full of elasticity.

  After finishing this set of exercises, combing the hair with fingers for 100 times can stimulate the meridians of the head, increase blood circulation in the brain, lower blood pressure, effectively treat and prevent cerebral arteriosclerosis and cerebral thrombosis.

  This simple ear massage can be done once before going to bed and after getting up.

In addition to the above benefits, it can also reduce the effect of strong internal organs, especially to adhere to the kidney, kidney and treatment of qi deficiency, kidney deficiency, frequent urination, nocturia, prostatitis and impotence have obvious effects.

For children with enuresis, high blood pressure and frailty, parents give him a massage for 5 minutes before going to bed every day. If you persist, you can cure these diseases and strengthen your child’s health.