[Cooked Kelp Knot Practice]_Cooked Kelp Knot_How to Do_How to Do

[Cooked Kelp Knot Practice]_Cooked Kelp Knot_How to Do_How to Do

Kelp is recognized as a longevity food, and kelp supplements calcium and iodine.

At present, many people know that by eating kelp often, they can protect their health and live longer.

Therefore, many people are willing to learn about the practice of cold kelp knots to protect the health and longevity of their families.

So what’s the practice of cold kelp?


A bowl of kelp hair foam, can be prepared the night before 2.

Wash the kelp knots one by one, because the kelp knots I bought will be very dirty. The bowl of water on the right is the water I use to clean the kelp knots!


Heat the water in the pot, pour kelp knots and enoki mushrooms and cook for 5 minutes on high heat. For rotten ones, cook for 7 or 8 minutes4.

Add pre-cut chili garlic, salt and vinegar out of the pan. This amount is based on your own preference. The nutritional value of cold seaweed knots is very high in nutritional value, protein, trace, small amount, stacked fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carrots.Vitamins, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin and iodine.

Every 100 grams of kelp contains 8 grams of protein, aunt 0.

1 gram, carotene 0.

57 mg, vitamin B10.

09 mg, B20.

36 mg, niacin 1.

6 mg, iron 50 mg, phosphorus 216 mg, cobalt 22 μg and a certain amount of vitamin C.

Its sugar, calcium and iron content are several times to dozens of times higher than spinach and rapeseed.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kelp has a salty and cold taste, is non-toxic, has the functions of softening and firming, reducing phlegm and asthma, passing diuresis, reducing fat and blood pressure, and reasonable consumption of cold kelp silk is very good for people’s health.

Kelp is cooked or served cold, often eaten to cure keloids; moreover, kelp is matched with different foods, and has more effects, such as kelp, rice, mung beans, brown sugar, appropriate amount, cooked porridge, can cure skin poisonous itching.