[Women’s hyposexuality]_ hyposexuality _ woman _ cause _ inducement

[Women’s hyposexuality]_ hyposexuality _ woman _ cause _ inducement

Normal and healthy women will have a certain sexual desire, and will look forward to the good feelings of sex life.

However, in reality, many female patients with reduced sexual desire have appeared, and they often have no longing for sexual love, and even appear depression.

So what factors are causing this phenomenon?

Then let Xiaobian find out the possible answers one by one.

1. Age: Male sexual desire reaches its peak after entering adolescence, 30?
Since the age of 40, sexual desire has decreased, and sexual desire has weakened significantly since the age of 50.
At the age of 80, she just lost her libido and never disappeared.

Female sexuality, 30?
He reached orgasm at the age of 40, gradually diminished after menopause, and decreased significantly after the age of 60.

2. Biological clock effect: The reason why a person has drowsiness in the evening, and wake up in the early morning is entirely caused by the biological clock in the body.

When a person is at the climax of the biological clock, sexual desire is relatively strong; if at the climax of the biological clock, sexual desire will be reduced.

3. Health status: Only with a healthy body and sufficient effects can there be a strong sexual desire. When a woman’s physical health is not good, it is difficult to arouse sexual desire, and there are many diseases that can affect sexual desire.

4. Living conditions: Difficult living conditions will affect the generation and satisfaction of sexual desire, and sexual dissonance such as apathy will occur.

5. Seasonal factors: Generally speaking, spring is the courtship season; warm winter is pasted, which makes couples lie close to each other, which is easy to cause sexual desire; autumn temperature is moderate, the desire for courtship is also possible;Sexual desire often weakens.

All of the factors pointed out above may cause female sexual desire to decline. Although it involves a wide range of aspects as a whole, it is very easy to find specific causes when the actual situation occurs. Therefore, when women detect abnormal sexual desireWhen you do, you must build up your confidence to go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.