What is the blood to eat?

What is the blood to eat?

Click to buy a woman who is naturally prone to anemia, the most need to qi and blood.

How can I make up blood?

In fact, the best way is to supplement your blood and blood through your daily diet.

What is good for blood?

Here are some 19
types of food for you to make you look good.


Fish carp is warm, has qi and nourishing blood, Wenyang spleen, nourishing liver and kidney, phlegm and collaterals.


Red ginseng red ginseng is a cooked product of ginseng. It has great vitality, complex pulverization, spleen and lung, qi and blood circulation, and the effect of Shengjin.


Black-bone black-bone chicken is often used for maternal consumption, which can achieve the effect of promoting wound healing. If you use black-bone chicken stew, it is the best choice for blood and qi.


Black sesame black sesame seeds even taste good, but also the effect of blood, for women with white hair, eating black sesame seeds can also effectively raise hair, there is a good effect of kidney and liver.


Cherry cherries contain a lot of iron, have the effect of producing blood, and also contain a large amount of nutrients such as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, etc., which are very suitable for pregnant women and lactating women.


Mulberry has the fruit mulberry, which is called “heavy blood fruit”. It is the most abundant kind of natural iron in the existing fruit. The multi-food mulberry can not only help the blood, but also the beauty effect.


Grapes are recommended by Chinese medicine practitioners. The grape is rich in calcium, phosphorus and iron, as well as a variety of vitamins and amino acids. It is a nourishing product for the elderly, women, frail anemia and excessive fatigue.


The needle lily has the largest amount of iron, 20 times higher than the familiar spinach, and is rich in iron. At the same time, the day lily is also rich in vitamin A and B1.

C, protein, medlar and colchicine and other nutrients.


Shiitake mushroom is one of the “four great mountain treasures”, and it has the reputation of “plant queen” and “the prime of the prime”.

For people with qi and blood deficiency, people who are often weak have conditioning effects.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” believes: “Mushrooms can benefit digestion, phlegm and qi.


Sugar cane is quite popular with sugar cane and there are a lot of trace elements, including iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, etc., among which the highest content of iron, up to nine microns per kilogram, is the crown of fruit, so there areThe name of the blood.


Animal Liver Animal Liver is rich in iron and is one of the most ideal blood foods.

It can be marinated, stir-fried, boiled, and recommended with green vegetables.

Young women eat 2 per week?
3 times, 10 each time?
30 grams, women over the age of 50 are best to eat less.


Carrot Japanese ginseng is commonly known as carrots, and Japanese people call carrots ginseng.

Carrots are rich in beta carotene. This nutrient has an excellent threshold for blood supplements. You can usually use carrots to cook soup, so that your soup can be turned into a blood soup that you can drink.


Longan meat is good at blood-packing food. Longan meat is longan meat. Fresh longan is listed every summer.

Longan contains vitamins A, B, glucose and sucrose, and is rich in iron.
Longan soup, longan wine and other foods are quite recommended for pregnant women and mothers. It is a good blood-filling dish.

Black dates are rich in vitamin C fruits – black dates, vitamin C is an important factor that can promote the absorption of iron ions, can make the body’s absorption of iron more effective, can have a certain blood, but one thing to note is because of the rich dietFiber is not conducive to digestion, so it should not be eaten daily.


Vegetable leek can lower blood pressure, help digestion in the stomach, and treat diseases such as gastric ulcer rupture, gastric ulcer and enteritis.

In addition, leek has strong bones and muscles, and the role of eyesight to nourish the liver.

The nutritional value is extremely high and is rich in protein, carotene, calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamin B1.


C, etc., can enhance immunity and also blood.


Jujube red dates are rich in vitamins, fructose and various amino acids.

Chinese medicine believes that jujube is warm, nourishing blood and blood, can improve blood circulation, and pharmacological studies have found that some of the red jujube can increase the content of red blood cells in the blood, enhance the function of the particles, and make the face ruddy.

With the longan, it is not only blood and nourishment, but also beauty and beauty. The crush of “love face” may wish to try.


Pumpkin pumpkin blood supplement, replace plant protein, carotene, vitamins, essential amino acids, calcium, zinc, iron, cobalt, phosphorus, etc. Among them, cobalt is one of the important components of vitamin B12, can help in the bloodRed blood cells function normally; zinc directly affects the function of mature red blood cells; iron is the basic trace element for making hemoglobin, all of which are excellent nutrients for blood.

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Peanut and peanut are recognized as healthy foods all over the world. Chinese medicine believes that the effect of peanuts is to reconcile the spleen and stomach, to hemostasis, to reduce blood pressure and to lower blood pressure.

Among them, the role of “blood-healing and hemostasis” is mainly the contribution of the red coat on the outside of the peanut.

TCM theory believes that “spleen and blood”, people with qi deficiency will easily bleed, peanut red clothing is because of the ability to replenish the spleen and stomach, so it can achieve the role of nourishing blood to stop bleeding, which is called “invigorating qi and stop bleeding” in Chinese medicine.

Red bean red bean, named for its red skin, has a high nutritional value and has the same efficacy as Korean ginseng.

Contains protein, traces, vitamins, precipitated fiber and niacin.

Red beans have the effect of tonifying kidney and replenishing essence, promoting blood circulation and moisturizing.

Red beans can both clear the heart and fill the heart.

It is rich in crude fiber material, clinically helps to lower blood fat, lower blood pressure, improve heart function and other functions; at the same time it is iron, can make blood and blood, very suitable for blood, while red beans also have the effect of warming up.