[Is it going to get angry when eating seafood]

[Is it going to get angry when eating seafood]

Many people prefer to eat seafood, because seafood tastes particularly attractive and has high nutritional value. Especially in some coastal areas, the price of seafood is relatively cheap, and freshly salvaged seafood is specialFatty, but you must pay attention when eating seafood. There are many fruits that cannot be eaten with seafood. Will it get angry after eating seafood?

Eating nutritious seafood will get angry. Usually you need to avoid eating less and eating more fruits and vegetables.

Nutrition of seafood1, fish, shrimp, crab, etc. are rich in protein, the content can be as high as 15%?
20%, shark fin, sea cucumber, scallop, etc. contain more than 70% protein.

In addition, the essential amino acid composition of fish protein is similar to that of meat and belongs to high-quality protein.

2, fish, shrimp, crab and other feces are very low, most of them are 1%?
3%, and mostly composed of unsaturated fatty acids, easy to digest, not easy to cause arteriosclerosis.

3. Fish feces contain extremely rich vitamins A and D, especially in fish liver, and fish meat also contains a certain amount of nicotinic acid and vitamin B1.

4. Kelp, seaweed and other marine plants are also rich in iodine and iron.

Uncooked seafood contains bacteria 1. The pathogens in seafood are mainly Vibrio parahaemolyticus, etc., which have relatively high heat resistance and can be killed above 80 ° C.

In addition to bacteria brought by water, parasite eggs and processing-related diseases may also be present in seafood3.

Seafood beer and gout are the same. It is best not to add beer when eating seafood.

Shrimp, crab and other seafood will form uric acid after metabolism in the body, and excessive uric acid will cause complications such as gout, kidney stones and so on.

If you eat a large amount of seafood and add beer at the same time, it will accelerate the formation of uric acid in the body.

Therefore, do not drink beer when eating a large amount of seafood, otherwise it will adversely affect the body.

Bacteria and virus contamination.

First, sterilize it by boiling in boiling water for 4-5 minutes.

Therefore, you must be cautious when eating “drunken crabs”, “raw sea urchins”, “soy sauce-marinated seafood” and other unheated cooked seafood. When eating sashimi, you must ensure the freshness and hygiene of the fish.