[Salmon complementary food practice 1 year old]_ children _ how to do

[Salmon complementary food practice 1 year old]_ children _ how to do

We should all know clearly that the children’s body functions are not fully developed.

Especially the baby’s digestive system is not very healthy.

Therefore, you cannot eat particularly heavy food.

Once your baby eats heavy foods, they will accumulate food.

And it is not good for the baby’s stomach and gastrointestinal development.

Let’s take a look at the practice of salmon complementary food together.

The practice of baby complementary food salmon 1.

Break the eggs into egg mixture, add half a teaspoon of salt and a pinch of pepper 2.

Put the oil in the pan, add the egg liquid after the oil is hot, and cook it out.


Put some oil in the pan. Salmon is more oily, so don’t add more oil.


After the oil is hot, add the salmon pieces (cut into small pieces), add some salt, and chicken essence.


Then add the scrambled eggs, turn evenly, and add a few onions to serve.

Because salmon tastes delicious.

No fishy smell so don’t add more seasoning.

It can be scented with the egg.


Salmon is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can effectively reduce blood lipids and cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, and the omega-3 fatty acids it contains are essential for the brain, retina and nervous system.6. Dementia and prevention of vision loss; 7.

Salmon can effectively prevent the occurrence and development of such chronic diseases such as diabetes. It has high nutritional value and belongs to the reputation of “water treasure”.


Salmon steamed egg yolk ingredients: shredded mushrooms, shrimps, shrimps, and egg yolks are all broken with a cooking machine, then put in a small bowl and steamed. Drop some walnut oil before eating. After steaming, you can eat it for your baby.


Salmon and cucumber porridge first boil millet porridge. Here, the salmon is processed into mud, and a small piece of cucumber is cut into pieces.

After the porridge is cooked, add salmon and cucumber, continue to boil, add a little bit of salt, and put a little walnut oil and sesame oil when the cucumber is ready to melt.

This is very fragrant!


Steam the salmon, wash the salmon, cut it into small slices, and marinate for later use.

Seasoning: salt, sugar, rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil evenly, cut a small amount of onion section for later use.

Experience: Can be matched according to your baby’s preferences for vegetables. This age group is best rapeseed.