[Do you need anti-inflammatory drugs after cervical ultrasound treatment]_Uterine treatment_Impact

[Do you need anti-inflammatory drugs after cervical ultrasound treatment]_Uterine treatment_Impact

Women’s uterus is a very vulnerable place, and common women’s uterine diseases include cervical erosion and cervical cancer.

It is possible to surgically treat the cervix of a woman from these diseases. Since cervical cancer is directly connected to the woman’s vagina, once a bacterial infection occurs in the vagina, it will directly affect the health of the cervix.

Hypertension ultrasound treatment is a special method for treating cervical diseases. However, after cervical cancer prevention and treatment, women’s cervical cancer may have complications. Can anti-inflammatory drugs be taken at this time?

You can take some anti-inflammatory drugs, and if there is bleeding, you can take some hemostatic drugs.

Those who need to be closed within one month.

Ultrasound focusing has good tissue penetrability, localization, and energy accumulation. Ultrasound acts on the inside of the tissue and uses its biological effects such as thermal effects, mechanical effects, and cavitation effects to make tissues absorb energy and rapidly heat up, and produce biochemistry.The response will eventually predict the tissue deformation, promote tissue reconstruction and improve microcirculation to achieve the purpose of treatment.

The energy of ultrasonic waves when penetrating the human body is very low, and it will not cause any damage to the normal tissues of the human body in areas outside the focus.

This is a brand new treatment model: Yuri expands the treatment of diseases while keeping the surface tissues non-invasive.

Ultrasound is a new technique of non-invasive treatment (also called non-invasive treatment), that is, without surgical incision or removal or destruction of surface tissue (skin, mucous membrane or epithelial tissue) and deep tissue on the surface without punctureFor treatment.

The scope of diagnosis and treatment is chronic cervicitis, white shift of the vulva, vulvar malnutrition, genital warts (especially for multiple genital warts), itching of the vulva and so on.

Advantages of cutting-edge focusing knife 1. The new non-invasive treatment mode extended by Li, the world’s original new concept of focused ultrasound gynecological treatment; 2. The world’s leading focused ultrasound gynecological treatment technology, professional design, accurate positioning, magical effect; 3. Original gynecological stubborn vulvaWhite spots, a new treatment method for vulvar ulcers and itching; 4. Comprehensive optimization of chronic cervicitis treatment schemes, which can generally achieve the purpose of treatment; 5. Can radically treat genital warts, no scars, no impact on life, fast recovery; 6, Clinical application is non-invasive and efficient, with extremely high safety, low mutation and low recurrence rate.