[Effect of garlic boiling water]_function_effect

[Effect of garlic boiling water]_function_effect

I believe that everyone has eaten garlic in life. Although garlic tastes spicy, the taste in the mouth is also unpleasant, but garlic does have a lot of benefits to the body. Garlic can even sterilize, and it can alsoAppetizing, many people will boil garlic when they want to make it less delicious during meals. So, do garlic boil water have certain effects?

It is a common seasoning in the kitchen. Adding it can add flavor and color. Garlic eats anti-cancer and anti-cancer toxins raw, but you may know very little about the health prescription of garlic boiling water. Let ‘s take a look at the effect of garlic boiling water.With effect.

1 treatment of cough garlic into the lungs, stomach, spleen, suitable for cough and other symptoms, so garlic boiling water for cough is its most significant effect, cold and cold, cough, bronchitis, cough caused by tuberculosis, phlegm, taking garlicAfter boiling water, it can have a significant relief effect.

2 scattered cold garlic tastes mild, warm, irritating, sweaty, people who have been affected by the cold, take garlic to boil water, can dispel the cold, relieve the pharyngitis caused by the cold cold, relieve the cough, severe cold, unless in garlicAdding ginger and brown sugar to the boiled water can speed up the sweating of the body and help dispel the cold.

3 treatment of toe arthritis 4 sterilized and insect-resistant garlic, put it in a spray bottle after boiling the water, and spray it around the air, there is a good sterilization and insect-proof effect, because the taste of garlic is not like mosquitoes, can effectively drive mosquitoes, garlicThe antibacterial properties are flashing, sterilizing and swallowing. Can spraying garlic water around the body kill external bacterial invaders? However, because garlic is easy to be destroyed by heating, the effect is better with fresh garlic.

5 The anti-cancer and bactericidal effect of garlic is reduced after boiling water. Although half of garlic has boiled water, it has the effects of cough and cold, but the pharmacological activity of garlic will be greatly reduced. The bactericidal and anti-cancer effect of garlic depends on allicin.A kind of volatile oil, which will be destroyed and volatilized after heating, and the anti-cancer sterilization effect is greatly reduced.

Therefore, if you want to obtain garlic-rich anticancer fungicides to prevent cardiovascular disease, it is recommended to eat garlic raw.

6 garlic boiling water preparation 30 grams of garlic, 10 grams of rock sugar (can be replaced by honey), 200 ml of water, put in the pot, first boil the water with high fire, then slowly simmer over low heat, and finally boil into a small bowlThe amount is sufficient; of course, you can also use the pot to steam garlic water, the effect is the same.

If you want to strengthen the cold effect of garlic, you can add ginger and brown sugar together.