[Three men make women more and more beautiful]_Men

[Three men make women more and more beautiful]_Men

The relationship between beauty and men can have two extremes.

There is no doubt that “the most beautiful woman in love” is the consensus of people, reorganization, and examples of being “disfigured” by men-if you have seen those photos of beauty actress Chen Baolian in the last two years of her life, you willYou will know that my words are not exaggerated, and natural beauty is not helpful-the beauty of a woman is related to a man, just don’t confess it.

Tolerant men make women beautiful because they know how to appreciate women’s strengths and even their shortcomings-they only recognize the innocuous little temper, the small nature-the gentle and encouraging eyes and the loving touch that are frequently passed on, better than high-end skin care and spa fragrancesmoke.

Indifferent men, fussy men, always “wife is a good man”, regardless of the feelings of women, or, for a similar complex and subtle psychology, men who always want to suppress women-with them, How can a woman be beautiful?

A strong man gives a woman a sense of physical security, including superior economic conditions, so that women can enjoy the pursuit of beauty, enjoy beauty, and maintain the feminine tenderness and graceful temperament; incompetent and unmotivated, lack of positive optimismThe man who let a woman live in disappointment and fatigue, grabbed the east and the west, and rested, a heart was roughened and rough, and it was close to being a surviving mother beast.