[Anxiety of Viagra]

[Anxiety of Viagra]

If a man can’t “grow up with his energy”, there is no way to satisfy his other half.

And according to investigations by relevant departments, if the sexual life between husband and wife is not harmonious, it will have a great impact on the relationship between husband and wife.

Therefore, many male friends use a variety of methods to make themselves stronger. Some people even try to take Viagra to enhance their sexual performance.

Although taking Viagra can improve male sexual abilities in a short period of time, repeated taking it has certain alternatives. However, many male friends do not know the alternatives to Viagra, so they will know abstinence when taking it.This will only aggravate its harm.

Some surveys show that there are currently more than 8 million patients taking Viagra worldwide.

Spot checks found that more than 20% of the adverse reactions occurred. The reactions were systemic and also cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive (digestive food) systems.

Even the manufacturer “Pfizer” has modified the overall Viagra label, setting out more specific warnings for those who are not suitable for taking drugs or the dangerous symptoms that may occur after taking the drug.

So what alternative does Viagra have?


Headache: In clinical trials, it was found that about 13% of people experienced headaches after taking the medicine, and some individuals had headaches and headaches, and were given a dose injection, and the headaches were getting worse.


Dazzling: About 3% of people who take the medicine may experience short-term blurred vision, and some may see the illusion of seeing blue light.

The US Air Traffic Control Agency bans aircraft pilots from flying within 6 hours of serving Viagra in order to prevent flight accidents.


Dizziness: This medicine may cause a sudden drop in blood pressure. If you take medicines such as nitroglycerin (oily food) at the same time, you will often feel dizzy.


Abnormal erection: Men with urethritis and leukemia can continue to erect after taking it, which will damage the genital muscle tissue and even increase impotence.

If you have an erection for more than 4 hours, you must seek medical attention immediately.

Acute eating Viagra not only has the above, but it may also cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In severe cases, it may cause permanent impotence and even cause infertility. Seeing it so severeAnonymous, I hope that male friends can nourish the body through normal dietary methods instead of continuing to take them!